LNP parliamentary enquiry2The Environmental Audit Committee have recently undertaken an inquiry into the governance, composition and funding of LNPs, looking at their impact on Nature Improvement Areas and links to other organisations, such as Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP). WENP submitted a written response, and our Chair, Dominic Hogg gave oral evidence as part of the enquiry.

The findings show that whilst many LNPs have been successful in harnessing enthusiasm by engaging local stakeholders, many LNPs are struggling to effectively establish due to lack of resources and funding.

Read the full report here.


Chair of the Committee, Joan Walley MP said:

The whole country—urban as well as rural—need the natural environment protections that LNPs can provide. Rather than leave under-performing LNPs to wither away, the next Government should urgently review LNPs and their funding, and re-energise the initiative.” 



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