Join us for the West of England Nature Partnership’s 2019 Forum at the Arnolfini, Bristol on June 6th, during the Festival of Nature. Tickets are free but limited – so make sure you reserve your place!

This year’s Forum will focus on how we can work together for nature’s recovery. We will launch a Nature Recovery Network for the West of England – a spatial plan where nature (and people) can thrive in a changing world. We will explore and debate how to best realise nature’s recovery by integrating nature’s value in policies and strategies, the intersection of nature, public health and social inequalities, the importance of well-planned green infrastructure and the role everyone can play in realising nature’s recovery.

The Nature Recovery Network follows Government’s commitment in the 25 Year Environment Plan to “develop a Nature Recovery Network to protect and restore wildlife, and provide opportunities to re-introduce species that we have lost from our countryside.”

While we finalise the agenda, here’s a taste of the day:

Arrive from 9:30am to register in the Front Room.

We’ll start at 10am (in the Theatre) with a welcome from the West of England Nature Partnership, followed by keynotes from:

  • Dr Paul Jepson, Nature Recovery Lead at Ecosulis: What does nature’s recovery mean anyway?
  • Ian Dickie, Director at Eftec: How to value? The natural capital approach

We’ll then launch a Nature Recovery Network for the West of England.

Workshops throughout the day will tackle some tricky issues, including how to measure ‘net gain’, how to make green infrastructure work for everyone, how to prioritise and invest in nature’s recovery, and the role of a sustainable food system in supporting nature’s recovery.

We’ll hear how nature’s value is being embedded in local planning policy, and public health. We’ll also learn from the experience of Greater Manchester in taking a natural capital approach to investment.

Our closing panel will invite representatives from business, development, local government, agriculture and youth to discuss the role of different stakeholders in realising nature’s recovery.

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