This week we have published a WENP Strategy for 2021-2030, setting out more clearly how we will work as a partnership in the next 10 years to accelerate action to deliver projects of the scale and ambition necessary to deliver nature’s recovery and meet regional ambitions, such as doubling tree and woodland cover by 2050.

Working as a partnership has already enabled us to produce one of the country’s first visions for a Nature Recovery Network; produce an ambitious Tree and Woodland Strategy; and leverage in millions of pounds of investment in the natural environment. But we aim to go further to take the ambitious action needed to secure nature’s recovery by 2030 and deliver our vision of ‘a thriving and well-connected natural environment in the West of England that underpins a healthy and resilient society and economy‘.

The Strategy sets out an Impact Priority to ‘Facilitate investment in and delivery of projects that deliver the West of England Nature Recovery Network, with a focus on large and impactful projects‘, recognising the need for a greater focus on delivering nature’s recovery on the ground. However, we also need to continue our work interpreting data and evidence, and influencing and embedding the value of nature across the region, which is reflected in our three enabling priorities in the Strategy.

We have also set out specific ambitions for nature’s recovery (such as doubling the abundance of wildlife by 2050), which put ‘meat on the bone’ of our Vision, enabling a better understanding of the work we need to do to deliver nature’s recovery and a way of monitoring if our work as a partnership has been successful. These ambitions are focused specifically on nature’s recovery and the actions that will be necessary to achieve this, and have been chosen to reflect the Strategy’s Impact Priority.

To find out more about the Strategy and our ambitions for nature’s recovery, visit

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