As the need to better understand the natural environment grows and technology improves, the amount of mapping of the natural environment in the West of England and beyond has steadily grown. The increased knowledge this brings and the ability to better target interventions to restore nature is welcome, but with so many maps available it can be confusing knowing what is out there and where to look.

The tables below are an effort to bring together mapping relevant to the West of England, whether it has been done locally, regionally or nationally, in one place. All of the maps referenced are publicly accessible and available to view in an interactive format unless stated otherwise. Links to the mapping are provided in the first column.

We don’t expect we have captured anything, so if you have any suggestions for maps that should be here please contact [email protected].

MappingScaleOwnerBrief description
West of England Nature Recovery NetworkWest of EnglandWENPMapping of ecological connectivity and strategic Nature Recovery Networks for woodland, grassland and water in the West of England.
West of England Strategic Nature Recovery Network Project Areas (page 7 of linked slide deck)West of EnglandWENPA map of 'Strategic Nature Recovery Network Project Areas' in the West of England: areas in which, either because of their existing value to nature, strategic location, or land use provide even greater
opportunities to focus on nature’s recovery. PDF Format.
State of EnvironmentWest of EnglandWENP A series of 14 ecosystem service and ecological network maps for the West of England, including woodland, grassland, water quality and natural flood management. Last updated in 2016.
West of England Tree and Woodland PrioritiesWest of EnglandWENP / Forest of Avon TrustAllows users to explore how their locality fits within the Tree and Woodland Priority Areas defined in the Forest of Avon Plan.
BACP Projects MapBristol Avon CatchmentBristol Avon Catchment PartnershipAn overview of all of the catchment partnership projects in the Bristol Avon catchment.
Bristol Avon River QualityBristol Avon CatchmentBristol Avon Rivers TrustInformation on river quality in the Bristol Avon Catchment, based on the Water Framework Directive
South Gloucestershire Green Infrastructure CorridorsSouth GloucestershireSouth Gloucestershire CouncilProposed locations of nine Green Infrastructure (GI) corridors within South Gloucestershire that make up a Strategic GI Network (under consultation)
North Somerset Green Infrastructure Corridors and Opportunities (see maps on pages 10 - 26)North SomersetNorth Somerset CouncilA series of maps showing the key strategic features and corridors within North Somerset and identifies opportunities for improving their connectivity and quality/ functionality, for both people and wildlife. In PDF Format.
Natural Capital Evaluation of the Cotswolds National LandscapeCotswolds National LandscapeCotswolds National Landscape UnitPresents a a natural capital evaluation across all 2,039 km2 of the Cotswolds National Landscape carried out in May 2021, including nature recovery, carbon storage, farming, natural flood management and water quality
DEFRA Magic MapNationalDEFRAProvides 'authoritative geographic information about the natural environment from across government'. The layers available to view include Priority Habitats, locations of Priority Species, Designated Sites, information on Agri-Environment Schemes and Targeting, and Landscape Classifications.
Friends of the Earth Woodland Opportunity MappingNationalFriends of the EarthOpportunity areas for creating new woodland using a methodology created by Friends of the Earth, excluding valuable habitats, green space and productive agricultural land.
Tree Canopy Cover by Ward (Interactive map available through a link on the page linked here)NationalForestry ResearchEstimate of tree canopy cover by wards across Britain, built using citizen science. Some areas are incomplete, but the map will continue to develop.

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