Nature is collapsing at an alarming and unprecedented rate. Globally we have lost 60% of wild vertebrates and up to 76% of insects since 1970. And in the West of England, numbers of once common songbirds like swifts and starlings have dropped by more than 96%.

A functioning and resilient natural environment is vital to our society, economy, and wellbeing, and will also be crucial to mitigating the effects of climate change. Unfortunately, the impact of climate change will place further pressure on our natural environment at the time we need it the most.

Fortunately, we know what we have to do to address the ecological emergency: protect our existing wildlife hotspots, create bigger and better habitats at scale, and manage other land sympathetically for wildlife. And to do that, we need organisations across the region to work in partnership towards an agreed vision for nature.

Working as a partnership has already enabled us to produce one of the country’s first visions for a Nature Recovery Network; produce an ambitious Tree and Woodland Strategy; and leverage in millions of pounds of investment in the natural environment.

However, we now need to accelerate action to deliver projects of the scale and ambition necessary to deliver nature’s recovery and meet regional ambitions, such as doubling tree and woodland cover by 2050. Our Strategy sets out how we will work as a partnership in the next 10 years to do just that.

We welcome views on our Strategy and work. Get in touch at [email protected].

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