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Our vision is of a thriving and well-connected natural environment in the West of England that underpins a healthy and resilient society and economy. Through our work, we aim to deliver more for nature’s recovery in the West of England by working in partnership on the natural environment.

Our current priority is to facilitate investment in and delivery of projects that deliver the West of England Nature Recovery Network, with a focus on large and impactful projects. Drawing on the knowledge and experience across our partners and wider stakeholders, WENP convenes working groups to collaboratively work on specific opportunities and challenges – from creating evidence, setting priorities, driving investment and developing mechanisms, to supporting delivery.

More information on how we are working to deliver our Vision can be found in our Strategy, below. 

Read on to find out more about our work.

WENP Strategy

Nature is in decline globally, nationally and within the West of England, threatening our health, prosperity and security. The need to act is urgent, as recognised by declarations of ecological emergencies in the West of England. To reverse the decline and deliver nature’s recovery, we need to work to Lawton’s Principles and create bigger, better, more and joined-up habitats.

WENP has led the development of a vision for a Nature Recovery Network (NRN) in the West of England as a joined up network of marine and terrestrial habitats where nature and people can thrive. We are now driving delivery of this vision by engaging with partners across the West of England; by identifying strategic projects that contribute to the Network through the NRN Prospectus; and by embedding the Nature Recovery Network into regional plans, strategies and programmes, including the West of England Joint Green Infrastructure Strategy.

Together with the Forest of Avon Trust, we have produced the Forest of Avon Plan: A Tree and Woodland Strategy for the West of England. The Plan provides sets out a long-term, generational vision for trees and woodlands across the West of England. Harnessing regional demand for trees and woodlands, the Plan will ensure that the right tree is delivered in the right place, maximising the benefits that trees and woodland can provide for nature and people.

As almost 70% of land in England is in agricultural production, the contribution of agriculture will be vital in delivering nature’s recovery. Therefore, WENP and the Bristol Avon Catchment Partnership have together set up a West of England Agriculture Working Group to discuss how agriculture can contribute to our shared regional priorities.

NATURE RECOVERY NETWORKNRN ProspectusTree and Woodland Strategy

WENP aims to constructively influence spatial planning to ensure that a truly sustainable pattern of development becomes fully integrated into policy, decision making and delivery. WENP formed part of a working group tasked with developing a Joint Green Infrastructure Strategy for the West of England, which aims to ensure a consistent approach to green infrastructure across the region and to secure investment in GI planning and provision, similar to that of other infrastructure. The JGIS Action Plan will inform work related to GI going forward, including embedding Biodiversity Net Gain in local planning policy and producing a Natural Capital Account for the West of England.

We provide evidence relating to the natural environment to inform regional planning decisions. Additionally, we are in a position to engage with, effectively respond to and challenge (if appropriate) major planning applications and decisions.

Like many areas in the UK, the West of England has a requirement to provide additional houses and continue to invest in new and existing economic areas. We continue to work closely with local and regional planning authorities to ensure that regional growth has the natural environment as its heart and contributes towards nature’s recovery.

Joint Green Infrastructure Strategy

The importance of the natural environment for our health and wellbeing is well understood: good quality green space can help tackle inequalities, support community cohesion, improve physical activity and provide significant mental wellbeing benefits.

WENP’s Vision for Nature and Health is for nature-based health services to be freely available to all who need them in the West of England and for nature to be a part of everyone’s daily lives, improving people’s mental and physical health and reducing demand on services. Our Strategy for Nature and Health in the West of England sets out how we will achieve this vision, which will be overseen by the WENP Nature and Health Strategy Group.  Find out more about the Strategy using the link below.

We are currently working closely with Healthier with Nature: a Green Social Prescribing Project in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. This project is one of seven test and learn sites across England that form part of a government programme aiming to embed green social prescribing, which links people to nature-based interventions and activities, into communities.

We also work with the Nature and Health Practitioners Network, which originated in the West of England and brings together practitioners in the field of nature and health, as well as other interested parties, to connect, collaborate, discuss, learn and share.

View our Strategy for Nature and Health
West of England Practitioner Network

View the Healthy Ageing Directory

We can only do this work through the great and ongoing support of our many partners – many of whom are driving the real and tangible changes on the ground.

The challenges we face in achieving nature’s recovery are enormous, and it is only through partnership working that we will be able to achieve our vision of a thriving and well-connected natural environment in the West of England that underpins a healthy and resilient society and economy. Fortunately, there are a plethora of organisations and individuals working tirelessly towards a more sustainable future. Through working together, we can safeguard the space that nature needs to thrive – in turn radically improving our own health and wellbeing.

WENP holds an Annual Forum to update – and gain critical input from – our wider stakeholders on our current work and thinking. This is also a great opportunity for networking and to celebrate work among the wider Partnership.

We aim to be inclusive in the organisations we include in our working groups and consider as our partners. If you would like to get in touch to learn more about the Partnership and opportunities to work together, we would love to hear from you. You can also stay in touch by joining our mailing list.

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