Mapping and Evidence

To drive a step-change in how we think about the natural environment, we need a strong underlying evidence base. The Bristol Regional Environmental Record Centre plays a critical role as the central biodiversity and geodiversity data provider in the West of England. We are grateful for the efforts of our wildlife recorder community in the ongoing development of this evidence, and support citizen science projects, such as the City Nature Challenge organised through the Natural History Consortium, to further support our knowledge of our natural environment.

WENP also develops environmental evidence to support spatial planning. In 2016 we launched our State of Environment ecosystem service maps, and in 2019 we built on this work by mapping a West of England Nature Recovery Network. Click on the links below to find out more.

Looking for resources to explore the area? We’d recommend OS Greenspace and ORVAL.

NATURE RECOVERY NETWORKState of EnvironmentAccess to green space

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